Thai Pork Kebab Moo Ping

A tasty Thai kebab traditionally cooked over the BBQ. Its a great dish to freshen up an BBQ and is an amazing alternative to the same old burgers and sausages.

Thai Cucumber Relish

A super easy and fast relish to go with chicken satay or other BBQ fish and meat.

Chicken Pot Pie

A very simple Pie recipe which only takes a few minutes. It has a thick and creamy sauce topped with a crisp and fluffy puff pastry lid.

Neta Grill Bangkok Sushi

A detailed review of my trip to Neta Grill Thonglor 13 Bangkok.
All you can eat Sushi in the heart of Bangkok.

Strawberry Cream Cheese Danish

This is my recipe for a simple yet delicious fresh Danish. I had the idea to make these when I had a bit of left over puff pastry and some otherleft overs in the fridge. They are cruntchy and sweet and make an excelent treat or breakfast with coffee.Even better they only take a few minutes…

Pan fried Salmon with a superfood salad

This is probably the healthiest meal I have ever done on the blog. It is full of nutrients but low in bad fats. It is a marinated and braised Salmon steak served on a bed of quinoa, Kale and Chinese seaweed. To start you are going to need to marinate your salmon steak. You will…

Noodle hot pot

This is one of my favorite comfort foods. It is a great mix of flavors and is a very flexible dish. You can make it with left overs or anything you find in the fridge. It is also a very quick recipe if you already have some chicken or pork in the fridge.   So…

Mediterranean Chicken Pita

This is my Mediterranean chicken pita. It is a mild and light dish with a complex mix of flavors. The chicken should be lightly spiced with a creamy and fresh Tzatziki inspired sauce. The chicken should be lightly charged with a smokey flavor but also moist. The sauce should add a freshness and zest. This dish…

Smoked Salmon Pâté

This is my cheap and easy smoked salmon Pâté. It takes less than 5 minutes to make and all you need is soft cheese, smoked salmon, 1 lemon, a bowl and a whisk. This really is a great recipe for high tea or to just take on a picnic. This Pâté is a great with crusty bread…

Cheese, Garlic and Chorizo tear n share

  This is something very straight forwards. It is a garlic and cheese bread , It uses a shop bought loaf so saves on baking, but offers something a bit different to classic garlic bread. It fast and easy and works as a great side for pasta or pizza dishes. It has a great texture…