Festive Hot Chocolate

I know winter is almost over but on a dull or drab day I still love a warm drink that is a bit decadent. I think that hot chocolate really fit the bill. I had been gi

Hot Chocolate Spoon

ven some hot chocolate spoons for Christmas I still had to use up. I am pretty new to this kind of drink and tend to buy coco myself. It was pretty simple to make just warm your milk in a pan or microwave then put the spoon in the cup of how water and let it dissolve then stir. I added a health or rather unhealthy squirt of whipped cream the kind that comes in cans and then dusted library with coco and mini marshmallows.

It may not be the healthiest of drinks but it certainly gives you a lift on a damp day which Wales has more than its fair share of.

I really enjoyed the hot Chocolate it tasted of a really good quality to me I also really like the presentation of the product it was simple but pleasing to the eye. The addition of a ginger bread man cookie was also really fun. I like it so much I just had to find out where they came from. It turned out to be Home bargains I can see myself making a few trips there myself. Although I have a suspension it might be a seasonal item.


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