Frozen Yogurt With a sugar basket

Frozen yogurt served in a sugar basket with frozen summer berries

One of my absolute favorite things is Frozen Yogurt. Its really easy to make and tastes great.

What you need to make it is some kind of ice cream maker. I have a cheap supermarket one which is a cup you freeze then attach a paddle to.

For this one I deiced to add dome summer fruits I use frozen as they are cheap and also help to set the frozen yogurt. I started by putting a hand full of frozen fruit in my blender with 500g tub of plain yogurt (the cheapest one) I then blended it for a few seconds to combine the fruit and yogurt. You will see the mixture thicken up as the fruit freezes the yogurt.

I then move the yogurt to the ice cream maker and turn the paddles on. leave in the maker until it starts to form a soft scoop texture Then put it in a tub for the freezer to finish firming up or to enjoy at a later date.

(Optional add some non blended fruit as it is in the maker to give texture.)

Now time for a spun sugar basket. These are surprisingly easy but you have to be very careful not to burn yourself. I would say this part is not suitable for children to do.

Start by prepping you area I put a sheet of no stick paper down first this is for any drips. Get a bowl the size you will want and lightly grease it then place it with the base pointing upwards. we will be using the back of it.

you will need 150gm caster sugar

get a non stick  pan and add about half of the sugar and heat gently you don’t want it to burn. It will start to melt when this happens start adding the rest of the sugar. start to stir the mixture until it become a syrup type texture and fluid. This should take about 4 or 5 minutes. When you have reached this point take off the heat and allow to cool slightly.

It will start to thicken by itself as it cools. while still runny take a spoon and start to drip it over the back of the bowl going back and forth to form a basket make sure the strand overlap each other for strength.

Allow the bowls to cool. When fully cold carefully remove the sugar bowl from the template bowl.

place on a serving plate and scoop the frozen yogurt into them. Serve them straight away as the moisture in the yogurt will start to make the sugar soft again.

to clean the pan just fill with water and wait for the sugar to dissolve.




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