Lox Salmon Muffin with a Poached egg

I recently decided to try a few new things with my cooking including preserving my own fish but that is for another post.


Lox Salmon on an English muffin with poached egg

I deiced that I would try out Lox Salmon which is a for of salted fish what that means is the fish is added to a salt and sugar mixture for a few days to dry out the moisture and preserve it. This gives the dish its own flavor and texture. Smoke salmon is often brined before the smoking process which is going to be my next adventure i think. I left my fish in a brine of salt sugar and dill to infuse the flavors for two days. It seems like a lot of work but it really isn’t as you just ignore it in the fridge  but i will admit its not something you can just rustle up.

When it was done i rinsed off the salt and sugar mixture then  patted the salmon dry with some kitchen towel. using my sharpest knife I sliced the salmon as thinly as I could manage not an easy thing to do. I finely chopped up some dill and sprinkled over the fish.

I took a shop bought English muffin and sliced it in two and gently toasted it and put it on the plate. I then poached and egg. I a big fan of poached eggs as they don’t have any of the grease of a fried egg. and added the salmon and egg to the muffin. Making a kind of eggs Benedict but without the hollandaise sauce as I’m not a big fan of it.

In the end I was really happy with the appearance of it but if I’m honest less so with the taste. I think When I made the brine for the fish I must of got my salt levels wrong as it tasted extremely salty. I will have to try it again soon and then repost when I have got the recipe right.


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