Salmon mouse wraped in Jamon Serrano and cucumber


I decided to go for something a little fancy as an h’orderve. I started by making a simple salmon mouse which is always a favorite in my house. You simple put cream cheese and some salmon trimmings in a blender to combine them into a smooth past.

finely chop a cucumber length ways this will form the outside of the role. Take a slice of Serrano ham and trim it to the width of the cucumber. Lay the ham on the slice of cucumber. take a teaspoon of the salmon mouse and lay it on top of the ham.


Salmon and Serrano h’orderve

Take the edge of the cucumber and start to roll the cucumber like you would with sushi. once you have formed the roll secure it with a cocktail stick.

Cut some micro salad and add it to the top of the roll for presentation.


These are best served cold so put them in the fridge until they are ready to serve. The combination of the crisp cucumber with the soft moose and delicate flavor of the ham really works together as well as looking really good on the plate


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