My Perfect Steak Sandwich


I do love a good sandwich, it is something so easy yet very satisfying. For this, all you need is some bread. I suggest a baguette or a ciabatta. I use a Tiger baguette as it has a nice amount of crunch without being really hard.

What you will need is a meat tenderizer or a rolling pin and a frying pan.

For the steak most meat will do and this also works for pork loin. We are going to use minute steak which is just a cut of steak that has been hammered flat. You could use your favorite cut but the cheaper stuff will also work well.

Take you steak and place it on a sturdy cutting board or butchers block if you have one. Take you meat tenderizer and evenly hammer the meat until it becomes a regular thinness. Turn over the meat and repeat. You can use a rolling pin for this but the meat hammer or tenderizer is better as it helps breaking up the structure of the meat and make it more tender.

This not only makes the steak thiner but also breaks up its structure to make it less tough
Steak tenderizer

I would recommend  a tenderizer to anyone who is into cooking as it is a cheap way to add a new technique to you cooking. I found a cheap unfinished one for 50p then oiled it with some danish oil.

Next take you meat and drizzle a little olive oil over it and rub in some salt and pepper, turn over and repeat. You can now put you meat to one side. Clean you hands and move onto the sandwich.

Using a bread knife cut up either your baguette of ciabatta into equal sizes and slit open. I find that not cutting all the way through a sandwich helps it hold together a bit better.

For the salad you can put some spinach, lettuce and spring onion. I also like to grate in some carrot and beetroot – a bit like a coleslaw without the mayo.

Take a pan and put it on a high heat. Drizzle in a little olive oil – you don’t need much; its mostly to stop the steak from sticking. By this time your meat should come up to about room temperature. This is important, otherwise your meat will shock from the temperature and be tough.

When the pan starts to smoke put the meat in the pan add in a knob of butter. Cook on one side for 1 minute then turn over and cook 1 minute for medium rare. For well done, cook for 2 minutes a side.

Take the steak off the heat and leave to rest for a few minutes.

Slice your steak to your liking. I prefer it in thin strips but you could just add it to the sandwich as it is.

Take your bread and add any sauce of chutney you would like. I personally think a good quality tomato and garlic chutney is best. Then add some salad and the steak. Serve by itself or with fresh new potatoes or sweet potato fries.


If you like these recipes please feel free to like and share. If you have any ideas I would love to hear them.





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  1. keith Lutwyche says:

    Tasty…. Looks great…..


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