DIY Iced Caffe Latte

Iced Coffee

I love my coffee in almost any form be it is a creamy cappuccino or a dark espresso. I also adore iced coffee I got my first taste of it when living in Berlin, before this I had been a good Brit and been loyal to tea. Every time I have it now it takes me back to that first place I had it on a spring morning on museum Island.



  • 1 Shot of espresso
  • Flavored syrup (vanilla)
  • Milk 2% 250 ml
  • Ice

The Coffee is really simple. Firstly you will need Coffee I use espresso as I have the machine but you could use instant or coffee from a cafetière. Brew your coffee and then put to the one side to cool off a bit. Take a large glass or jug and fill it with Ice. Then add a teaspoon of sugar. Pour the coffee over the ice add milk and your favorite coffee syrup my preference is for vanilla. Stir the coffee until ice-cold and enjoy. I personally like to have Ice coffee in the morning with my breakfast. It’s also really compliments a decadent late morning breakfast like french toast. French Toast Recipe






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