As Easy As Apple Pie


4K6A1133This is my super easy apple tart. I actually had material to make 3 Tarts.

  • One sheet of pre-rolled puff pastry
  • 3 apples
  • Brown sugar
  • Butter
  • Apricot Jam

Start by rolling out your pastry. I use shop made as puff pastry is a pain to make at home. Cut the pastry into 3 using a pizza wheel or very sharp knife.


Using a knife score a border around the pastry being careful not to cur through it. Spike the center with a fork.


Take some jam and spread it in the center of the pastry keeping it within the boarder you cut.


Cut your apple thinly into slices. Take your slices and arrange them on the pastry over jam layer. I decided to alternate colour of apples just to make it look pretty.


Work your way along the pastry but keep the apple withing the boarder you have made.


Take some small cubes of butter and sprinkle them over the tart it does not take very much just enough to melt over the tart as it cooks.


Take a pinch of brown sugar and dust it over the apple and the butter cubes again you dont want to much just enough to help it to caramelize.


Place the tart on a lined baking tin. Pre-Heat your oven ton 180°C gas mark  4. Cook for 30-40 minutes but its probably best to have a check around 25 minutes as puff pastry can catch and burn very easily. For me it was done in just over 30 minutes but I have a very fast oven.

The final stage is to dust with icing sugar and serve. Its great with custard or Ice cream.



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