Almond chocolates

So yesterday it was 4 years since I met my wife by zoologischer garten Berlin. So I thought I would make her something special. The first thing I ever bought her was a bottle of water so not very romantic, But the second was a bar of Almond Chocolate. This seemed a bit better.

I didn’t want to make just a bar of chocolate I wanted to make something a bit different.

I am new to working with confection so I wanted to keep its relatively simple.


  • 150g of White chocolate
  • 150g of milk or dark chocolate
  • 200g of caster sugar
  • 150g flaked almonds

In a pan melt the sugar.Stirring  to make sure it does not burn. When its melted and a caramel colour add the flaked nuts and stir. Take it off the heat and spoon the mixture onto a lined baking sheet to cool.



I like to make a sheet of the candy then break it up for a more rustic look but you can spoon it out into regular shapes as well.



Using a double boiler melt your chocolate (white for this batch) siting occasionally.

When your chocolate has melted you will need to temper it. Tempering gives the chocolate a smooth and glossy finish. It does this by regulating the crystals in the chocolate.

Take a two-thirds of the chocolate mix and pour it out onto a cold and smooth work surface such as a granite counter top or marble slab.



Using a pallet knife or scraper work the chocolate across the board until it starts thicken a little bit. This is creating what they call seed crystals.



When it has started to thicken slightly add it back to the rest of the chocolate and stir. The temperature you are looking for is about 34ºC / 93ºF  for dark and milk chocolate and 27ºC  / 80ºF for white chocolate. You could check this with a thermometer.

Now pour the chocolate over the candy and let cool.



I am making a milk Chocolate version as well.

Melt you milk chocolate and temper it in the same way as the white chocolate.

take your piece of candy and dip it into the bowl of melted chocolate repeat until all the candy is part covered.



Place the chocolate on a tray or slab to cool.


Now for a look and to use up an excess chocolate I decided to pipe some lines over the chocolate you can use a piping bag of just a spoon for this.



Let your chocolates cool. When they have fully set they should come away from the tray or slab easily if they are a but stuck carefully use a kitchen scraper to free them.


I decided to to half of the chocolates in milk and half in white with different decoration just for a visual and flavor variety.

This recipe also works with any other nuts and is great with peanuts or hazelnuts.

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