My Crispy Thai Omlette with Shrimp (Khai Jiao)


This is probably the most simple recipe I have done to date. It is for a crispy omelette. I will serve it with fresh boiled rice and Prawns.

It is a great dish for a breakfast or even a light meal at any time. It has a great savoury taste and a good mix of textures.

You will need

  • 3 medium eggs
  • a teaspoon of fish sauce
  • some prawns


Take your prawns and  fry them in a pan until pink and cooked.

Crack the eggs into a bowl.Now add the fish sauce, Fish sauce smells really bad but will make your food taste really good you will have to trust me on this. When I first came across it in Thailand I would not use it due to the smell.


Now beat the eggs together.


Now pour the egg and fish sauce into a squeeze bottle.



Put your pre-cooked prawns at rice ready to serve with the omelette. This will help to keep the food warm as the omelette will cool the fastest.


In a pan heat some vegetable oil. you want to have a good amount for this enough to cover the base of the pan completely. Take you squeeze the bottle from a  height of about 6 inches above the pan and squirt in a little of the mixture.

It should instantly puff up continue to cook for a few seconds before turning over the omelette and cooking for a further 20-30 seconds or until golden and crispy.

Drain on some kitchen paper then serve with the rice and the prawns.


I like mine to have a little bite so add some Sriracha sauce. This is of course optional and it is also great with things like sweet chili sauce or just by itself.


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