Thai Pork Kebab Moo Ping

A tasty Thai kebab traditionally cooked over the BBQ. Its a great dish to freshen up an BBQ and is an amazing alternative to the same old burgers and sausages.


Thai Cucumber Relish

A super easy and fast relish to go with chicken satay or other BBQ fish and meat.


In 2012 I was lucky enough to go on the Leonardo da Vinci programme a work exchange in Europe. It gave me the chance to learn some German and go to Berlin for a few months to work. It was an amazing experience letting me live in another country and learning about other cultures and…

My Thai inspired pork kebabs

So it’s officially summer. That means one thing for me BBQ. I love to cook and eat outside when the weather permits. So I am going to make some pretty simple yet delicious pork meat ball kebabs. My meat ball kebabs are inspired from my time in Thailand eating street food. So what you will…