Thai Pork Kebab Moo Ping

A tasty Thai kebab traditionally cooked over the BBQ. Its a great dish to freshen up an BBQ and is an amazing alternative to the same old burgers and sausages.


Neta Grill Bangkok Sushi

A detailed review of my trip to Neta Grill Thonglor 13 Bangkok.
All you can eat Sushi in the heart of Bangkok.

Noodle hot pot

This is one of my favorite comfort foods. It is a great mix of flavors and is a very flexible dish. You can make it with left overs or anything you find in the fridge. It is also a very quick recipe if you already have some chicken or pork in the fridge.   So…


In 2012 I was lucky enough to go on the Leonardo da Vinci programme a work exchange in Europe. It gave me the chance to learn some German and go to Berlin for a few months to work. It was an amazing experience letting me live in another country and learning about other cultures and…

Katsu Sushi Burger

This is my home-made Katsu chicken burger served in a fresh sushi bun. I first tasted a Sushi bun in a 7-eleven in Bangkok. It was mostly from curiosity at the idea of rice as a bun but I was surprised how good it was. The ingredients 1 cup Sushi rice 1 tsp rice vinegar…

Just some oldies from my time in Munich

One of the nicest things about living in Germany had to be going for a walk. The streets are dotted with small markets all year around not just as Christmas. the markets tend to sell a range of fresh products and are a great place to take some pictures and maybe have a Krug of…